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    Ambit empowers you with real-time insights on how you talk and listen. 

    Brainbuilder Academy

    Brainbuilder Academy brings how maths is taught in Singapore to the world via online tutoring, summer camps, in private schools and independent locations.


    Helping the world focus its attention on the important things We’re building the world’s best summarization AI engine to help everyone deal with information overload.


    Digify is a document security platform that allows companies to keep control of their files after sending. Digify is the winner of RSA Innovation Sandbox APJ and other international awards.


    DROOTOO is pioneering the concept of Distributed Cloud Computing with its Unified Cloud & Datacenter platform since 2013.


    GTriip optimizes hotel and co-working space check-in. Their solution of bluetooth-enable biometrics digital key system reduces check-in time by more than half, creating a smoother check-in process.

    LEDR Technologies Inc

    LEDR enables companies to make more consistent decisions based on objective reasoning by using any data source to build collective knowledge.


    The simplest way to add music to your moments. Lomotif is the must-have music video editor for Instagram and Hyperlapse videos. You can add any music you want, and edit your video in seconds, with this popular, free iOS app. Make awesome music montages… Read more »

    Luggage Teleport Inc

    Luggage Teleport is an on-demand luggage transportation service for business and leisure travelers between airports and hotels in a metropolitan area. Our proprietary technology allows for customized solutions tailored to the travel needs of every indi… Read more »

    Microsfere Technologies

    Microsfere Technologies has developed a new athletic breathing mask for highly polluted areas. The intelligent airflow system allows natural breathing and proper ventilation for extended activities. The mask also connects with mobile devices and displa… Read more »


    Onsophic is a change management tool that focuses on training. By correlating training with on the job performance, intelligent algorithms guide the employee to learn new skills or change behavior. This allows management to directly link training effor… Read more »


    Orangekloud is an enterprise mobile solution enabler with innovative solutions that solve the problems of modern enterprises. Our mobile app development platform allows us to rapidly build customized and user-friendly mobile applications that can be in… Read more »


    OurHealthMate is a verified healthcare network connecting Patients, Providers, and Payers.


    Pebby is the First and Only movable remote control robot dedicated to smart pet parents. Anyone can use Pebby from anywhere in the world to truly engage their pets. Pebby Corporation is a consumer robotics company that develops technology around IOTs,… Read more »

    Pet Widget

    Pet Widget is a comprehensive ecosystem for pet communities worldwide, with its feature-packed and socially driven platform, and complementary hardware. Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) Best New Product Award Winner 2016 and 2017. Pitch@Pal… Read more »


    Pramp is a peer-to-peer mock interviewing platform for software engineers. Developers match over video chat to practice technical interviews in a collaborative environment and provide feedback to each other. 

    Product ML

    Product ML believes in a future where machine learning and AI techniques are accessible to everyone. Product ML are the team behind Blurr – an open source data transformation platform designed to convert raw data collected from software products and Io… Read more »

    Skinny Labs

    Skinny Labs was founded in 2015. We build products that solve problems.


    Trance is the karaoke of dance, giving you dance moves to the hottest songs!


    Unit21 is a platform to help companies simplify and scale anti-money laundering operations with the use of machine learning.


    ViSenze powers visual commerce at scale for retailers and publishers. The company delivers intelligent image recognition solutions that shorten the path to action as consumers search and discover on the visual web. Retailers like Rakuten and ASOS use V… Read more »

    Workstream Technologies

    Workstream is an end-to-end hiring software built for the hourly workforce.

    Ze Robots Lab

    Productivity Software for Modern Teams ze robot labs makes delightful productivity software for your team that takes care of the mundane. Focus on what is important and leave the rest to our suite of products.