BLOCK71 San Francisco fosters ties between start-up ecosystems in Singapore and the US 

Singapore tech firms keen to explore business prospects in the US can tap the resources of this facility to better understand the market, set up business and expand their network into the tech community.

BLOCK71 San Francisco also provides a platform for US-based entrepreneurs, companies and investors to learn about Singapore and Southeast Asian (SEA) markets.

Co-Working Space

The coworking space features a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs working on their next big idea. With an open office concept, teams are able to collaborate internally and interact with other start-ups around them.

Meeting Rooms

Named after iconic neighborhoods in Singapore, our meeting rooms provide a conducive space for conferences and discussions and are well equipped with video conferencing and sound technologies.


BLOCK71 SF regularly holds events featuring the latest in tech and Silicon Valley, inviting experienced guest speakers from varied backgrounds. We also have special events showcasing our in-house entrepreneurs. Our event space is fully equipped with a sound system and projection devices and can comfortably house over 50 people.


TheBLOCK71 SF community is a diverse group of entrepreneurs, partners and advisors who are active supporters of our vision to incubate new entrepreneurs in the US and Singapore tech ecosystem.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for working space or just want to visit?